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TikTok slashes ad prices
As reported by the FT this morning, Tiktok has slashed its ad prices to counter the slower ad-spend growth it has been facing lately.

Cost/1,000 impressions is now almost half the price of Reels, 33% cheaper than Twitter and 62% cheaper than SNAP.

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TikTok currently has a market share of 2% but ad-spend on the platform grew considerably during Q4 2022.

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Damn son, thanks for sharing.

Anecdotally, I am now exploring use of video content across IG, TikTok, YT, and Pinterest and its been really fun to get a hands on experience of how they all differ. YouTube shorts is the most impressive to me so far.
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@investmenttalk ooh interesting. One single piece of content can be used different distribution channels and engagement funnels and video is def taking share from other forms of content across platforms. Great move
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@uplusk Yea I basically create in YT shorts, download, and then distribute.
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Wow, that's really interesting thanks for sharing. I do find that Tiktok is the best platform for creators looking for their videos to go viral and gain organic views. I wonder how the algorithm evolves when Tik Tok gains market share. Do you have any insights on $PINS in this regard?
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@joeyhirendernath They're trying to keep the growth engine chugging so would be interesting to watch. TikTok still lacks the data and attribution capabilities of Meta and Google. They are the mammoths in the advertising category. You could get lower prices here but can you attribute your marketing spend and better understand your RoAS. Not yet.

Have no experience of Pinterest unfortunately!
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Very interesting, appreciate the share, I missed this one and I subscribe to FT.



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