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<1Y Performance is a Distraction
Some positive vibes for the morning. Was reading a Financial Times piece and stumbled across an opinion piece by Howard Marks where he notes the following; "One quarter's or one year's performance is meaningless at best, and a harmful distraction at worst".

There was also a great quote about waiting for a bus.

The full article for those interested.
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Shout out to @commonstock, let’s add the longer term performance metrics. A 3 and 5 year would be nice
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@rpinvestments A greatly requested feature, and one I don't have the technical chops to fully explain, but the uniformity of data across brokerages is probably the biggest hurdle to that one. We do obviously want that, but I suspect we add this to asset charts first, and portfolio performance is a larger project.
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Completely agree. An amazing portfolio can still underperform on a 1-year time span. I think 3-5 years is where you can see if skill (although luck will still have effects) is being expressed in portfolio price appreciation.
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Thanks for sharing Conor! Howard Marks has so much wisdom in those memos
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@wjared Amen to that!
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we needed this piece thank you for dropping this Conor!
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@jdub Glad to be of service :)
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This bus quote is just amazing. Thank you for sharing!