$MRNA - A truly global RNA innovation platform
Moderna is building production & R&D facilities in UK.

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$MRNA is at the top of my birthday buy list for this coming year. Will be interesting to continue to track and trend to see if it is still at the top when buy time comes!
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@scorebdinvestor i think so, they are well setup to be a trillion $ company if they are successful in their pipeline
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What makes $MRNA better than $BNTX?
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@dissectmarkets $MRNA has a bigger pipeline that i like more, just my preference
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I’m invested instead in the underdog $ABUS from whom $MRNA allegedly stole the LNP technology for their COVID vaccine... May take some time, but I'm betting it'll come out in court and MRNA will have to pay for willful infringement... Which is not to say MRNA isn't a good investment itself