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Restaurant Stocks >>>
I have been bullish on restaurant stocks for quite some time. Seeing the below chart from Morgan Stanley gave me a nice dose of biased optimism in my thesis.

Restaurants get a bad wrap due to most failing within the first year of existence. This is largely due to entreprenuers and not large established restaurants with proven track records.

Everyone needs food. More people are dining out than ever before. Make food tasty, scalable, convenient, and affordable. Watch your stock go up, up, up.

Dominos $DPZ is probably the best example of hitting on all of the above-mentioned factors.

My current restaurant rankings are in order:

Comment your restaurant rankings below!
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I like the $EATZ restaurant etf daily chart, :)

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@etfs interesting top holding...$BROS Dutch Bros...If I was going to invest in a stock based solely on the ticker, $BROS has to be the winner
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Preaching to the choir, i have been buying up restaurants all year
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@investmenttalk Conor and restaurants go hand in hand
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@conorvalue It's a Conor thing