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Starbucks' Chinese Footprint Resembles a Coiled Spring
Since the beginning of 2019, Starbucks' Chinese footprint has grown from 3,685 to 5,654 stores (+35%) $SBUX. As ugly a picture the lockdowns paint on revenues, the bull case would imply this is a tightly wound spring, ready to pop when things are "normal".

In the second quarter of 2022, Chinese revenue fell 14% YoY, with average ticket down 4% and the volume of transactions down 20%, leading to a 23% decline in comparable-store sales. The recent zero-covid policy of China, and nationwide lockdowns, is clearly hurting Starbucks.

Below is a visualization from 2018 (the furthest back China data goes). The China business is likely to look ugly for a little while with 1/3 of stores closed in Q2. After resurgance in 2021, the segment is now plagued by mobility once more in 2022

*Q2'22 revenue is TTM

But Howard Schultz states that he remains "convinced Starbucks' business in China will be eventually larger than our business in the U.S."
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Definitely makes sense. Hopefully this spring gets the chance to pop for us shareholders
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@scorebdinvestor Schultz envisions the China business being larger than the US one in the future too. Pipe dream stuff, but he was right about projection 5K stores over a decade ago.
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@investmenttalk After 3 trips on this ride, I believe him 😂 having all those stores built coupled with the population, I think it’s a no brainer once they can achieve full capacity
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I’m thinking Luckin $LKNCY looks attractive by contrast
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@nate Not sure i’d trust a company that got de-listed for cooking the books.