What memos did you enjoy this week?
I enjoyed Gabriel Kaplan's 'From Perpetual to SaaS' memo. He talked about how subscription-based services are:
  • More convenient for end users
  • More stable for investors
  • More efficient for businesses

He also gave some ideas for companies that are in the midst of transitioning from perpetual selling to subscription-based.

What's a memo you enjoyed?
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@investmenttalk thanks my friend ☺️
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@investmenttalk I liked that one too- just went back and re-read it and had another line pop out to me this time around:

"Everyone is working on their own timeframe with a different set of goals. Two great investors can be on opposite sides of the same trade and BOTH be right"

Love that point @parrot, reminds me of "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel (one of my favorite recent investment books)
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@nathanworden thanks Nathan 🙏 I’m actually re-reading that book now 😊
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Such a good book!