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Dynatrace ($DT) Q2 2023 Financial Results Overview
The first earning call of the week from our index companies is on.
Dynatrace ($DT), the leading provider of unified observability and security, has announced its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2024.
Despite exceeding guidance across all key metrics, the stock price fell sharply following the announcement.
Financial Highlights:
  • Total ARR of $1.294 billion, a 25% increase on a constant currency basis
  • Total Revenue of $333 million, a 25% increase on a constant currency basis
  • Subscription Revenue of $316 million, a 27% increase on a constant currency basis
  • GAAP Operating Income of $34 million and Non-GAAP Operating Income of $92 million
  • GAAP EPS of $0.13 and Non-GAAP EPS of $0.27, both on a dilutive basis
The company continued to innovate, expanding its Davis AI engine in first entrance into the Generative AI hype, and acquiring Rookout to provide value to developers working in cloud-native environments.
Strategic partnerships have been extended, including a significant go-to-market partnership with Microsoft, aimed at increasing adoption of the Dynatrace platform on Microsoft Azure.
The stock price drop may be attributed to market dynamics or investor sentiment not
immediately reflecting the positive financial results and business expansion.
Coming up today - $FSLY, $CFLT, $U, and $FROG.
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