Portfolio update
I noticed i haven't posted a portfolio update last month on here, so here we go:
New position: $SONVY
Trimmed: $AMZN $GOOG and added that money to $MSFT $CNSWF

Top 5 = 50.01%
Top 10 = 76.73%
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Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
Jealous of your concentration.

Those top five are great names to keep locked in for the long term.

Great looking portfolio 👍
Heavy Moat Investments's avatar
@joryko Thank you Josh, it's been a long process to concentrate the portfolio. I'm happy how it turned out so far.
Luis Pazmino's avatar
Brilliant! Familiar with lots of names here, a notable exception being $RICK. What gives you the confidence to have it as a top holding?

Like that you have $MELI in there. They're absolute monsters. $TXN and $ASML are two names there I've been looking at recently.
Heavy Moat Investments's avatar
@lpaz $RICK grew into my largest holding. The position is up 50% and I loaded up in the $55~ range. They are a high margin wide moat business in an anti ESG sector with a brilliant management team.
Love $MELI, absolute beast indeed. $TXN and $ASML are the highest quality semis imo, I loaded up here in the past months around $155 and $500 respecitively. I have articles about all of them on Seeking alpha ( https://seekingalpha.com/author/heavy-moat-investments ) and on my Twitter :)