Is Hindenburg right about $TWTR deal?
Hindenburg (best-known for Nikola report) flagged Twitter yesterday. They believe the deal is likely to be repriced lower on the back of the NASDAQ underperformance and alleged poor fundamentals of the business and economics of the deal. Even Elon responded to Hindenburg: "Interesting. Don’t forget to look on the bright side of life sometimes!"

Hindenburg has one of the best short selling track records in our database, past 20 calls:

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I unloaded my position at $51 and $51.50 over the last few weeks. Could miss out on a few bucks, but felt the cash would serve me better for now.
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@investmenttalk agreed. If I had been in Twitter, I would’ve used this as my saving grace exit🤣. Might snatch a false premium later, as you said, from the Elon effect, but it’s wouldn’t it probably wouldn’t represent fundamental business value.
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@wall_street_deebo Yea, in my mind the upside is somewhat limited here, and Elon is a live wire, so i'll just take my cash and use it to try generate a better return elsewhere.
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I love ❤️ Hindenburg for the Nikola report. Just wanted to share this 😆