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$17.2m follower assets
Because I like pain!
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Indeed you do, @jensen!

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@tomato I’ve picked winners before too you know 😄
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The most money I’ve ever made was when people thought I was the craziest. I’ve added to $COIN frequently the last few weeks. Doesn’t feel like pain when you’re looking two years down the road. Looks like yellow bricks from here🤣
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@wall_street_deebo I am fully open and aware of the concerns and bearish takes..I don’t enter positions unless I am well versed in the best 10 bull and bear cases I can find to try to reduce blind spots as best as possible (there will ALWAYS be blind spots). With $COIN, I’m not a giga-bull that thinks it’s a no brainer, but I think it is a great r:r bet should it remain a foundational play in the space. So many variables and noise to try and slap a value on this one- will be either a mega winner or slowly erode. But at this price relative to where it has once traded? Worth the add imo
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This is the way