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Cloud storage
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Which cloud storage option do you use?
30 VotesPoll ended on: 06/23/22
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I feel like Google's is the most intuitive simply because its connected to your gmail account and is simply all in one. Used to use OneDrive prior to Google Drive though
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@greencandleit I'm an Android user so Google's a nobrainer for me plus I feel it's better at managing storage
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I use Mega too occassionally, but mostly Google Drive.
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I use them all occasionally tbh, just depends on the device or the context
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Both Google and OneDrive
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Google FTW! lol
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Primarily Google Drive. Nice for being able to have my spreadsheets accessible on any device. I also like their photo backup
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All 4
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It's easier to use iCloud as an apple user
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@dissectmarkets yeah I figured (i'm an Android user so, Google)
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I think for Apple User there is just one option: iCloud
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@mavix Unless you want something better ;) You go with Google haha