Is Peloton a cult brand?
A wise person once told me to never bet against cult brands. $TSLA $YETI and so far, $AMC, are all cult brands that come to mind. The brand loyalty for their products is immense.

With that, I was scrolling through Twitter to see what customers feel about the Peloton brand, and several times, I've seen tweets where people consider $PTON as a cult brand. Having that in mind, I wanted to confirm it for myself by creating this poll on CommonStock.

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Is Peloton a cult brand?
20 VotesPoll ended on: 05/11/22
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Some would consider $AAPL a cult brand as well.
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I’m a big believer in the power of brand. like to bucket into two types of cults - brands and stocks. Some are just the brand/product ($SBUX), some are just the stock ($AMC wallstreetbets style), and some are both ($TSLA)
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Imo anything fitness is a fad not a cult, just my take
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I think for their users, yes its a cult brand.
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"Cult" implies fanaticism, admiration, notoriety but implies nothing in terms of size/user base. If $PTON's cult following isn't big enough the brand can be well-known and beloved among a certain group of people...but never reach the scale it needs to make it a great investment.