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In a way these articles are kind of fun roasts. They jab at the most obvious problems, spin the story in a very bearish way.

It’s fair to a point, but like you said, it misses that the potential is what is exciting, not the current realty. In that sense, articles like this just show we’re still early. There’s some excitement to be had in that :)
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Short term view, like most of his peers. Exactly why I don’t read financial media anymore. Books, that about it. Everything else seems like click bait or mountains of useless data anymore. I enjoy scrolling through the articles and seeing how every other story about ANY given stock is a bull and a bear, back and forth. I used to be so confused listening to them, thinking they were experts and knew something I didn’t. Thankful for Goodwill and the investment education they have provided for $0.50 a pop.
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@wall_street_deebo Great point! I do still enjoy financially driven media articles as I like seeing both sides sometimes. But in the end, yea, I'll take a book over that.

Also, big time respect for your Goodwill investments!
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Love this final sentence:

"Global inflation is currently raging, thereby clobbering stock prices. The apparently perfect climate for cryptocurrency has instead been perfectly awful."