Thoughts on Sensational Advertizing
I got a question today about a stock picking service with some pretty sensational advertising:

The ad tells of an especially gifted stock picker who has picked stocks with 1000% returns 18 different times.

These “Oracle” ads are enticing. They generally have some proof of some sensational past picks. However, there are some important things to consider:

When people get lucky with a huge return they use that as marketing for their stock picking service. Not bashing it- I have signed up for something like that before (The Motley Fool has similar sensational advertising and I have subscribed some of their services in the past and currently am subscribed to some now).

I probably got my money’s worth too- but the expectation shouldn’t be 1000% return.

But past performance doesn’t guarantee future returns.
I would go at it with a skeptical mindset and be very wary of up-sells.

And I would do a good bit of googling first about ads like this first to see if there are any reported scams the “oracle” has been involved in, just as due diligence.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on services like these. Everyone tends to have a friend/guru they look up to who they think is the real deal. What makes you believe in your source of information more than others? Message me- my DMs are open.
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