Twilio CEO Buys $10M of Shares
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This was Lawson's first purchase since May 2017. In the past 10 years, he has purchased $12.34 million of $TWLO and has sold $355.39 million worth of TWLO.

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Always a good sign when a co-founder makes a large open market purchase, but it is also small relative to Lawson's wealth!
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@consumeowntech Just checked and did not know Lawson was a billionaire! (according to Forbes)
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@consumeowntech ah yes a measly 10M shares 😅
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Further context from their Q4 call:

"The Board has authorized a share repurchase program of up to $1.0 billion, and we intend to purchase up to $500 million in the next six months. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t consider a buyback the best use of our balance sheet. But this program reflects our confidence in the business and our belief that our current share price undervalues our position in the market today and the long-term opportunity ahead, while still leaving us with a strong balance sheet to execute our strategy.

I will also be personally buying approximately $10 million of Twilio equity in the open market when the trading window opens.”



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