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A new issue of Valuabl is coming in hot off the presses this Friday at 5pm (GMT). Valuabl is my value-oriented journal of financial markets that helps investors pop bubbles, buy low, and sell high.

Amongst the usual titillations, subscribers will get:
  • Updated capital costs and my valuation of the S&P500 (FREE)
  • Which regions have the cheapest or most expensive stocks?
  • Are stocks finally cheap, or was 2021 a mirage?
  • My latest research, commentary, and activity
  • What deals are percolating in corporate pipelines?
  • Updates on the monetary policy and credit markets
  • Valuations and rating of requested stocks
  • Investment idea: value in a $5bn cardboard box manufacturer

We are taking stock of some of the most speculative markets ever. Terrors lie ahead, but so, too, do treasures. I welcome new subscribers. Visit valuabl.substack.com to learn more.
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This has quickly became one of my fav newsletters 💪🏼
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Looking forward to this!