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Aritzia - Turnaround or Value Trap?
Turn around stories are always the most exciting investment opportunities!

Anyone can follow the crowd, buying and selling alongside the Wall St. analysts.

It's much more difficult to take a contradictory stance, to do the homework and dig deeper into a business to see what others aren't, and ultimately to buy while others are selling.

It's difficult, but it can also be immensely rewarding for investors that get these turnaround stories right - look at Meta; from peak to trough, this business underwent a 270% righting of the ship, rewarding shareholders that were able to see past the crowd's expectations while it was at it.

I had a lot of fun analyzing Meta during that time. On the surface, it was easy to understand why everyone was selling. But digging deeper, doing the math, and objectively assessing the fair value revealed an entirely different story.

Now I'm setting out to try it again. Aritzia, one of Canada's largest female fashion retailers and a true homegrown success story, has struggled mightily with rising rates and a tougher macro-economic environment. Shares have taken a more than 140% drop from their peaks to today's value.

This has the company sitting at what could be a very appealing valuation and potential entry point for investors. But is it a value trap? Indicative of harder times ahead for the company? Or is the long-term thesis on this steady winner still intact, despite some hard times?

That's what I'm going to find out. Aritzia drops its earnings report on Thursday, Sept. 28. I'll be dropping my deep dive into the business TOMORROW! so that investors can read it out and make their own decision before after-hour earnings.

Stay tuned! I'll drop the link to that here as soon as its released

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