Love Shopify? 3 Other E-Commerce Stocks to Buy
I participated in my first roundtable with two of my fellow Motley Contributors: Bradley Guichard and Jeff Santoro. We discussed three e-commerce stocks (not named $SHOP) that we liked: $CHWY, $ORLY, and $GLBE.

This roundtable was fun as Chewy and O'Reilly are two stocks on my watchlist that I have been considering buying -- and Bradley and Jeff's write-ups may have tempted me to take a starter position once trading restrictions allow.

I'd love it if you took a look and supported my fellow Fools. šŸ™
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What makes $ORLY better than $AZO?
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@dissectmarkets I can't speak for Bradley, but from my perspective, my step-dad runs parts for O'Reilly, so that probably sets them apart from AutoZone in my books. šŸ˜‚

That is a great question though, I have always seen them as similar operators.