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I’m proud to be born as a mid Gen Z. I get to oversee some of the largest paradigm shifts in the history of humanity thanks to the advancements of new technologies.

What a time to be alive!

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Joey Hirendernath
@joeyhirendernathMay 24
Definitely with you on this! The advancements in technology have been absolutely unpreceded.

It might seem silly but when I first Skyped my parents in India it felt so new and weird fast forward to Covid and it pushed forward that whole experience. The speed with which its happening is also incredible...
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Samuel Meciar
@sammeciarMay 24Author
@joeyhirendernath yeah, consider this: a year ago, nobody even heard of AI chatbots basically. Today? If you aren't using one frequently, you are basically missing out on massive productivity gains. Even I as I prepare some posts/threads am using Bing Chat to help me better understand certain new advancements and announcements before I send them out to my audience. Amazing technology!
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Conor Mac
@sammeciar I have some pushback on this claim, because AI chatbots have been used in customer service for years and people are pretty familiar with them.

They do suck though.
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Samuel Meciar
@investmenttalk sure, I agree with you Conor, but from my experience they were usually probably as smart as FAQ page would, now they are trained on specific datasets and understand the context of your words which in turn leads to them serving you a relevant answer. So this obviously is a huge step forward, and hundreds of millions of people are just now for the first time engaging with an AI bot in their lifetime.
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Joshua Simka
I love your attitude, @sammeciar! Everyone seems so blown away by AI, but there's also so much going for medicine and biotech. I'm thinking of $CRSP and other gene therapy
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Samuel Meciar
@tomato could be, but those are still very high risk, unclear who really wins in the space and their business models and unit economics are hardly established, so I think I'll pass for some time.
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Rihard Jarc
Not a Gen Z but still love to see the tech shifts going on :D
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