Live Stock Pitch Game Over Zoom
I'll be hosting a live stock pitching game over Zoom this Thursday at 5:30pm PST. If you're interested in attending shoot me a DM!

Rules for the game are below:
Post media

"The Market" is a 4 player + audience participation game held over Zoom.

4 people have 1 minute each to pitch a stock to "The Market" (The Market is the other players and all audience members).

After you hear all four pitches, we open up the floor for anyone to respond with a rebuttal / counter-thesis or a question to one of the pitches.

Then all players and everyone watching anonymously votes for one of the stocks using PollEverywhere:

You can submit your vote at:

Or text "NATHANWORDEN350" to 22333

Your vote could be because you think the stock will perform the best, or because you thought the pitch was the most convincing. Up to you.

If you are pitching, you are allowed to vote for your own stock.

Each player gets one point for each vote they received.

After vote totals are revealed (but before we know who voted what) there is the opportunity for you to raise your hand and guess what another player voted for. If you get it right, you get an extra point. If you get it wrong, you lose a point. No one has to guess at another player's vote. So some rounds no one will risk a guess.

At the end of the round, the player with the least votes is booted into the audience and one of the audience volunteers gets to join and give their stock pitch in the next round.
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^this is worth your time. The picks from last round have done really well.
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To make things easier to attend, here is the Zoom link we will be using for Thursday:
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Added on my calendar; if you've a calendar invite; add on that.
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It may be worth posting the picks here afterwards - forgetting what they were for the last one but as @amanda all crushed it!
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$TWST $RDFN $FVRR $MVIS $MSFT were some pitches. What else?
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Roku was another- this next time I can make sure to post a list after the event.
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Just trying to help you pad your lead on the Like $ leaderboard
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Super excited! Looking forward to tomorrow!!
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@nathanworden I missed this. Let me know if you are doing another one. I'd love to join and have a couple of stocks to choose from to pitch!
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Awesome! This coming time I am going to send out a calendar invite, so I'll also add you to that so it's harder to miss. I think you shared your email above, so I'll use that!