$CRSR Earnings Notes
One of the largest positions in my portfolio is Corsair $CRSR recently reported earnings. While much of it was disappointing from a financial standpoint I believe the business is still continuing to grow nicely.

First Corsair starts by showing its dominant place in the market. Still number one in the PC Components market.

Peripherals are also growing quite rapidly. While Corsair is not the leader here they continue to gain market share.

Overall Pre-Built systems also increase Y/Y.

In terms of the streaming gear space, Elgato's Magnum Opus the Stream Deck continues to rapidly increase its sales figures.

Corsair also announced an investment in iDisplay.

While the company is still quite small I anticipate continued growth especially given...

iDisplay helped build Elgatos best selling product.

Of course, the core business shrank overall by quite a bit.

Management blames stimulus checks and "pent-up demand." Management also decided to show comps back to 2020 which is... Interesting.

Also, War+Inflation isn't a great combo.

Despite much of the bad news I still believe Corsair is a good way to catch not only the growing gaming market but also the growing PC market.
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I've used $CRSR in the past when building my gaming/office PCs. Solid components.