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Love to see the Buffett quote! Morgan Housel has some great quotes about volatility, too. Here's one, from his book The Psychology of Money:

Market returns are never free and never will be. They demand you pay a price, like any other product. You are not forced to pay this fee, just like you are not forced to go to Disneyland. You can go to the local county fair where tickets might be $10, or stay at home for free. But you’ll usually get what you pay for. Same with markets. The volatility/uncertainty fee—the price of returns—is the cost of admission to get returns rather than low-fee parks like cash and bonds.

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@tomato Morgan is too good of a writer 😂
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Great note on the opportunities created by Volatility!

Also love how you included some pragmatic advice for those who get anxious with fluctuations-

"If handling this chaos sounds like too much, DCA is the way. Investing is inherently complicated, if trying to time the market on it is too much, just keep it simple and DCA."