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Was it plastic nose? Bc otherwise that is most definitely not vegan
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Oh dang this is real!

Haha I stand by what I said— I definitely have less confidence in Beyond Meat’s COO now… but I also didn’t have any faith in Beyond Meat as a business before this so… 😅


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No not necessarily but I would need more information to make an educated decision if it impacts my thesis
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I would get pretty uneasy about their business methods. It would make me think about whether behavior like this was going to make them less effective going forward. Gotta think that less people are going to want to work with them if they’re known for literal violence (but maybe you were speaking metaphorically? Haha)
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I'm glad the guy didn't bite the other person's neck, otherwise I'd think of him as a vampire
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I just hope that this isn't a symptom of guilt over him doing something illegal.
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This is a first for me, haha.

I can't seem to find "bites person's nose off" in my investor policy statement.