Uber Mobility vs Lyft
Uber Mobility
  • bookings grew 55% YoY
  • revenue grew 120% YoY

  • bookings grew 16% YoY
  • revenue grew 30% YoY

To calculate Lyft's bookings:
Q2 2021
765 million divided by 44.63 = 17,140,936

Q2 2022
991 million dividend by 49.89 = 19,863,700

Keep in mind that $LYFT operates only in the US and Canada. $UBER operates in many more countries.

It's hard to tell how much Mobility revenue is generated in each region Uber operates in. When they report revenue by region, they only report overall revenue (Mobility + Delivery + Freight). because of this, it's difficult to determine the Revenue Per Active Rider in the US & Canada region.

My overall impression is that Uber has a faster-growing rideshare business compared to Lyft, even if Uber is a lot bigger and has more market share. As Uber focuses more on profitability, investors should take it as a sign that the industry is entering market saturation.

At least both Uber and Lyft have reported positive adjusted EBITDA in their rideshare businesses. Profitability is coming soon for both companies.
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I think $LYFT will always be the $PEP to $UBER's $COKE :)
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Lyft also has a big investment and also is partners with Didi