What's the long term bull case for $AMC?
Even if there are many great movies coming this summer, it doesn't mean that the movie theater industry is officially back to normal. Many movie theater operators are still weak financially despite the rebound in movie theater attendance after the pandemic.

Movie studios have other avenues of monetizing their content like having their own streaming service or licensing the content to streaming platforms. Movie theater chains rely on ticket and food sales.

Some movie theaters are offering subscription services. $CNK became the first movie theater chain to have a million subscribers. $AMC, despite being the largest movie theater operator in the world, hasn't reached that accomplishment despite having a cult following.

Why would people still invest in AMC?
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Tagging a few $AMC holders who may be able to provide some insight on this @patwallen @bullish @zebo @walker @steward :)
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@joeyhirendernath bc I’m a wild man
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I will stay away from $AMC due to the "meme story"
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AMC is a 15 billion EV company, generating 3 billion in revenues, losing 600 million in operating cash flow and having to pay over 300 million in interest LTM. Besides the meme aspect (which is a terrible investment thesis) what is there to like here?
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Nothing. Absolutely nothing.