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Markets overreact, again…
Have not posted here in a while as I am busy with school and finding a full time gig for when I graduate in December. But once again the market over reacts and takes out tons of value, growth stocks down 5-7% in 3 minutes…. The 75 bps is fully priced in and the markets are forward looking so I think this is a buying opportunity and will recover rather quickly. People forget this does not change that much, and inflation eventually will subside. You are getting a gift, take advantage of it.
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75bps or 100bps, all the same right now in my honest opinion. 50 was never an option.
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Unless it’s not 75 and its 100 bp
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Completely agree. Buy wonderful companies at fair prices and ignore the silly BS.
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Yeah and at some point you have to stop raising rates and let things play out a bit. Doing nothing for a quarter is an option.