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Braintree $PYPL
Gabrielle Rabinovitch, Interim CFO $PYPL
“So the core competitors against Braintree really are your Adyens and your Stripes. But that said, we also compete against the legacy acquiring space as well. And so we take from all.”
“We've had some very nice merchant wins recently. We've also had nice merchant wins at the -- in our unbranded processing business that sits below Braintree.”
“We are lapping some big merchant wins in 2022. And so we do expect to see some deceleration in Braintree growth as we move through the year, as we anniversary those merchant wins...we'd expect to see good support from Braintree within transaction revenue growth in 2023.”

“So when Braintree grows faster than other pieces of the business, that will blend down take rate. But I think it's really important that within Braintree, when we looked at the like-for-like merchant take rate performance, that is very, very stable.”
“The other piece of Braintree, of course, is that longer term, we're quite focused on continuing to expand Braintree into other geographies, both -- more in Europe, more in South America”
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@stockopine Great points!
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@kostofff thank you sir 🙏
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Fantastic quotes. Big fan of everything paypal is doing. Just hate the ceo I think like every other PayPal shareholder lol but hey he his leaving now so I’m very interested to see who comes aboard
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Thank you @christian7621 . It seems that everyone is really excited for his departure. Interested as well to see who will succeed.
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@stockopine yeah there’s a lot of good potential options out there to succeed and hopefully get more out of the business then it’s been getting
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That Braintree acquisition is really paying off for $PYPL with the growth in the payments platform + Venmo. Nice memo 👏👏. Long $PYPL
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@ifb_podcast totally agree Dave. Both of these business lines are firing and are the future of $PYPL .
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$PYPL has a lot of interesting fintech asset. In my view really needs a strong a visionary CEO (hard to get tho).
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@rihardjarc totally. It will be interesting to see who will replace Dan at the end of the year.
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@stockopine Can't really think of one right now that would be "free".



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