In this market, pizza is trading more than double that of the metaverse on a P/E basis 😅
$DPZ vs $META, what’s the better investment?

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More degree of confidence that Dominos is still around in 20-Y time.
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Wait until they come out with their NFP (non fungible pizza)
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Dominos all day. Really not a fan of $META plans. DPZ is a world class business
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Pizza is tangible lol, I’m more on team $DPZ than team $META 😂
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At least domino’s doesn’t try to sell me trading courses
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@from100kto1m Just give it some time...You'll get a menu with pizza, chicken wings and TA in no time
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@invesquotes probably bullish for their new revenue segment growth 🤣
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If we’re looking solely from the pizza aspect, I know I’d rather eat my pizza IRL than VR 😂


But I’d pick $DPZ anyways
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Are you a $FB bull? I still feel Meta is overvalued
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@greencandleit I am bullish on $META, although there are a few things that worry me, like the competition from TikTok and the massive spending on the metaverse.
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$DPZ relied a lot on buybacks to prop their share price higher. Because of it, they're sitting on tons of debt. I hear that they will halt buybacks and focus on paying down debt. The debt is so huge that it will take them many years to pay it off.
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@dissectmarkets Good point, the debt is something to keep an eye on long-term.
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@dissectmarkets Yes, this right here! It's especially concerning given the rising rate environment. And then there's inflation in the restaurant space. $DPZ executes well and they're innovative and they have a good product... but the revenue growth is expected to be somewhere in the area of 10%. Assuming the stock returns something in that ballpark I think there are more appealing opportunities for a modest 10% annualized that don't have the balance sheet risk Dominos does.