$DIS Bob Iger Returns as CEO, Stock Pops
One of the most interesting corporate characters over the last decade has been Robert Iger. I've read his book, Ride Of A Lifetime, and found it to be an excellent insight into his values and profession. He came across as driven, hard working, extremely humble, and the results of his tenure as CEO have been exceptional.

You'd think that for a guy who had the perfect career, he'd like to spend his 70s with the family.... in perhaps not an extreme-stress job managing one of the most complex media companies in the world. But it looks like the player can't get away from the game, and he might have the same feature/bug that Tom Brady has.

Anyway, 8.5% up pre-market on the announcement.
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The ride continues - for another two years at least. He’s fit for a 71yo - wonder if he still wakes up at 4am to workout ! image

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@consumeowntech Awesome read! I've personally taken so much from that book that I've implemented in my professional life.