Weekly portfolio review
Weekly portfolio review (total return, week/YTD)

$SPY +4.28%/-12.99%
$QQQ +4.46%/-20.61%
$VTV +3.20%/-5.31%
$VUG +5.05%/-21.40%
$ARKK -2.42%/-52.29%
Portfolio +3.28%/-11.78%

A busy week with mostly positive earnings reports from the big tech companies.

17 of the 40 companies from my selection reported earnings last week. Overall, the results were encouraging. Even with the obvious macro headwinds of inflation, a strong US dollar and economic downturn, $AMZN, $MSFT and $GOOG did very well.

But even quality companies are not immune to macroeconomic conditions. The advertising business from $META is slowing, while $NOW cut its subscription revenue forecast.

However, this is a far cry from the speculative growth stocks that got bid up to the moon during the recent tech bubble and are now coming down to earth. In downturns, quality companies show strong relative strength compared to the likes of story stocks like $TDOC or $ROKU

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Solid YTD. Did you de-risk quickly at the start of the year?
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@moneyshark Thank you, the performance is a bit better than $SPY, so it's Ok. I did not de-risk, I rather continuously buy my favorite stocks when they are under my intrinsic value.