2022 was a disaster for my speculative/growth portfolio, currently down roughly 45% with some major dumpster fires that should’ve been sold long ago. I’ve decided to adjust my strategy and instead focus on three companies: $AMZN, $CRWD and $WM. Each month I’ll add a handful of dollars to each position as they grow into respectably sized holdings over time. This would be in addition to pouring my monthly allocation into dividend stocks.
My elaborate thesis is this:
  • folks need stuff ($AMZN)
  • we have to protect the means to get stuff ($CRWD)
  • stuff needs somewhere to go when we’re done with it ($WM).
These three companies are at or near the top of their respective fields and are projected to stay atop their sectors, so this is a multi year move.


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I like the simplicity
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We love it.
We're big fans of the bare bones "once phrase thesis" provided it's the result of doing your homework on a company. Like yours, it should encapsulate the essence of why you want to be a part owner of the business.
Some of ours:
McCormick ($MKC) - "Try going one week without spices, herbs, seasonings or condiments"
McDonalds ($MCD) - "People like burgers"
Alphabet ($GOOGL) - "People want to know stuff" (also applies to why so many people use Youtube)
Starbucks ($SBUX) - "Coffee is a social lubricant"

Some businesses are a little more tricky describe in a simple phrase:
Autodesk ($ADSK) - "Upfront design before you commit to construction is important"
TransMedics ($TMDX) - "Organs for transplant are highly perishable"
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@jazziyoung sometimes we just need to KISS it - keep it simple sonny!
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@jazziyoung love the McCormick plug! I’d imagine I’m a significant part of their bottom line 😄
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Big fan of $WM - a name I’d like to begin to add to this year when I finally decide to start deploying some more capital
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I think this is an elegant approach to simplifying things. The thesis is short and sweet! How many stocks do you have in your dividend portfolio? Just curious to contrast the two
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@joeyhirendernath totally different approach. I have dozens and other of stocks in the dividend portfolio. It’s a small
mutual fund at this point and well over the “Rule of 42”.
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One phrase thesis are great



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