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Rule #1: Never lose money
Do you know this country? Probably not, and neither did I, but this didn't stop me from investing in it and losing 100% of my investment.
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The happy country there is Venezuela; the year is 2017.
This is the story of how I lost $6,000 chasing the Yield.

Even if this is not the most popular type of investment among retail investors, bonds are a pretty reliable way to make money.
Corporate bonds are my first choice if I want to have some good returns, but I buy some sovereign ones from time to time.

Sovereign bonds are guaranteed by a country; in the US, we can call it T-bill or Treasury; in Italy are BOT of BTP, and so on. Every country needs to sell bonds to raise money, and Venezuela was, of course, one of them. When you invest in such a product, you need to ask yourself: can this country default?
That's the one and only worry you need to have.

Full of hope and excited about the high Yield, I jumped on board and bought $6,000 worth of

🔸Venezuela, 12.750% 23aug2022, USD - USP17625AC16

At the time, it was trading at a discount, so the actual YTM was something around 18% 🤑

What can go wrong, right?
In the end, all countries have high debt, but they keep paying it... also Venezuela is the #1 country by oil reserves; how can they fail with all that oil.

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Well, I was wrong.
In November 2017, Venezuela defaulted (I will not enter into the details now, as it's unimportant), and as a result, my investment went to zero.
Yes, that happens when a country default... all bondholders remain empty-handed.

I consider this my worst investment, not because of the loss (6k is not that big) but because it is one of the few where I lost all the capital.
When you can lose all your capital, it means you are not investing; you are gambling.

At least I was able to get something out of this experience:

The return of an investment ALWAYS matters. There is a reason why you get paid more, and it's because you risk your money.
Sometimes you don't even realize that risk is there, but if you get 12%-15%-18%-20% return, believe me, the risk is there.

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PS: Just as a reminder, people are still "stacking stable coins" for up to 18% return, believing it is risk-free...

PS2: I know that the conditions of people living in Venezuela right back in 2017 but also now are far from ideal, and they have much bigger problems than my $6k loss. I don't want to disrespect them with my post; bankruptcy, Hyperinflation, Devaluation, and Dictatorship are not jokes.
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Great story here. Sadly, I think (in reference to your last point, ps2) that a lot of these projects know this and pray on those most vulnerable or susceptible.
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Sovereign bond trading is super tough (I can confirm this from experience, sadly...) I feel for you!
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@porchester before, I thought that sovereign was safer, but honestly, I had more problems than with BBB corporate one...
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Appreciate the transparency here Luka. I think your takeaway from the experience is one that needs to be really drilled into new investors from the very beginning - "the return of investment alway matters". Thank you for sharing
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@stock.owl Thanks for sharing, Luka. Also, to add up on my side, I think any type of investment in a country ruled by communist/socialist regime is bound to go to 0.
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@kostofff eheheh yeah when money is "everyone's money," it means they are no one's money. It may be sound wrong in English, but in my language, it has much sense :)
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Great post Luka. Looks like "you won't lose if you won't sell" didn't work here.
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@fi_investor naaaa - such .50cents psychology didn't apply in this case ))
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Tough loss BUT also an incredible educational moment for all of us here on the Commonstock platform. Appreciate your insight and honest breakdown of your investment!
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Love this post! Thanks for sharing your experience so we can learn. Well-told story, too.



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