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$480.2m follower assets
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Great defensive move but dear lord 50x sales is way too much
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@karan10489 agreed, crazy high. But also I'm pretty sure their options were basically:
A. Pay 50x and survive
B. Don't pay 50x and die a slow death

(wrt design products)
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@mcd C. Don’t time that large an acquisition when the stock is already down 60% from the highs. Maybe do it when the stock is at 700? 😅I get defensiveness but, is this really the best time to overpay for an acquisition ? Gotta question management here
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There’s about a million Star Wars quotes that work here.
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@josh As resident GIF lord, I approve this message.
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new figma pricing is going to be like $100/minute plus an annual kidney donation #SaaS
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@darkfirexxi lol, although I'm less worried about that, more worried about it being added to the creative cloud shitshow.
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@mcd hahaha that's pretty spot on
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They better pay $1 Trillion and not touch a thing
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@mcd this is a very sad day for designers everywhere. I have zero hope that Adobe won't screw this up, as they did for all their previous acquisitions.
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Buy to kill your competition. Price is high but in the end makes sense for the long run. Market rerated the same day - $ADBE lost more than $20B today. Now it actually looks interesting to me.
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Next thing we know, they're going to acquire OpenAI to ensure that Dall-E doesn't disrupt them too