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Small buys the last 3 days
Small adds to $DDOG $AMD $ABNB
Sold puts on $DDOG ($90 strike July 2022) - continued bet on b2b cloud data service providers doing well vs just those providing tools for e-commerce (eg like $SNOW $MDB vs $TWLO and $SHOP) Yes, growth rates will taper in 2023, but leverage should be clear to see for investors to finally move to p/e and earnings yields. The million $ question- which ones retain moats and can defend earnings over the long run,like $MSFT & $GOOG ?

Based on results and guidance I believe $NVDA and $AMD will continue to dominate, and b2b software(as I mentioned above) will continue its penetration and expansion into larger SMEs and enterprises.

$ABNB is an example of a pandemic beneficiary but it first had to go through the downturn and be led by amazing management! Let’s see how these latest moves and new “product” launches do this summer and beyond!

Missed out on puts and adding to $TSLA by a tiny tiny diff on my limit orders. The Shanghai factory expansion announcement and reopening of the region have helped boost the short term price, but we will soon see upward revisions for late 2023 and beyond by Gary Black and the other Tesla bulls.

Sold out on crypto exchange $VYGVF after losing 80%…numbers seem good, margins ok, but no moat in the long run. Maybe I just don’t understand crypto yet…it was too small a part of my portfolio and didn’t fall into an area I understand or an area I am spending time trying to understand.
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Here you go- great growth…image