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SentinelOne $S Conference Highlights (9/08/2022)
TLDR: Using a baseball game analogy, SentinelOne is in the first inning of a generational cybersecurity opportunity. The company sees significant competitive advantage in (1) cloud security (2) identity security (3) managed service providers (MSPs), and is correspondingly funneling resources into these channels in order to continue the hypergrowth trajectory, with the underlying goal to get to cash flow positive.

Primary speaker: Nicholas Warner, current President of Security and former COO/CRO

  • SentinelOne sees massive demand for a platform that can consolidate disparate tech stacks that are common with on-prem
  • The main driver of upside of the business is currently the velocity of the managed service business, especially for small and medium sized business
  • There is an ongoing mass adoption of managed service for cloud native technology in general, but especially cybersecurity
  • Expects to continue to see MSP momentum globally across all sizes of business
  • First inning of generational cybersecurity opportunity
  • Threat actors are either trying to steal (1) data or (2) credentials. Attivo enables S1 to protect the full estate.
  • Enabling MSPs to sell modules has been a significant boon - MSPs used to only be able to sell S1 Control (basic package). Allowing MSPs to sell Ranger, etc. is an incredibly efficient way to cross and up-sell.
  • 100% API infrastructure and multi-tenancy built into the backend - early on design decisions. These benefit MSPs as S1 is the only one who offers these functions.
  • SIEM displacement - still in the beginning of a multi-year journey. Arcsight, Splunk, etc. built for on-prem and don’t work as well in the cloud.
  • Salesforce displacing Oracle CRM is an example of how a cloud-native solution offers a completely different user experience, just like SentinelOne versus legacy providers
  • Scalyr offers a fully cloud native data experience which is why the acquisition and full backend migration is so significant
  • Company is pouring resources into MSPs, cloud business with the objective of taking advantage of a generational expansion opportunity, while also getting to cash flow positive
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Thanks for sharing as always!

Started my position last week, excited to add more when I can👍🏼
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@dbudd Of course. Man that's a great entry point!