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$11.1m follower assets
$LYFT's top-line relative to operating losses since 2018.
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A good edition from Chartr this AM. Will see if once Lyft rolls out its driver incentives plan if it can and quell its issue of attracting drivers. Uber tried to get ahead of Lyft’s ugly earnings by claiming it does have a path to black, but market not seemingly too optimistic on $UBER either..

My main interest in this space over the long run is how automated driving will end up effecting the ride share industry as a whole and how much of the “the physical drivers subsidize the company’s overhead costs by being contractors paying their own car maintenance costs” narrative will evolve.
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@jensen Automated driving is an infrastructure problem from engineering perspective and likely not feasible for at least the next decade or two. These businesses are something I wouldn't touch.
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Really hard business and industry for turning a sustainable profit.