$MSFT and $GOOGL Both Double Missed
Both big boys double missed this ER. 👀 Higher interest rates are eating into profits.

Q4 EPS $2.23 vs est. $2.29
Revenue $51.9B vs est. $52.43B

Q2 EPS $1.21 vs est. $1.28
Revenue $69.69B vs est. $70.04B
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This is one of the first ways I learned to make money investing. Even before I read all the mentors telling me the same, I thought it was strange that because the company didn’t meet the expectations of an educated guess, the market hammered their stock price. So while these companies generated $50-$70 billion in revenue, people are going to punish them because they missed some crystal ball analyst/management expectation. Blows my mind. But creates opportunities for long term folks like myself to lower their price point.

Companies like these only drop 2-3%; that’s not the opportunities I’m talking about. Sometimes it’s 20%+, that’s when I take the low hanging fruit.