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Rivian vs Nio
Any holders of Nio or Rivian?

In this video, I will talk about Nio and Rivian's recent earnings reports, explain why both stocks have been hit hard lately and what investors should be on the lookout for in the coming quarters.

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I know @seasnar @yaninvests is holders of $RIVN and $NIO respectively
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I’m bullish on EVs. Short term news doesn’t matter that much. Both are newer companies and EVs are a new concept so I don’t expect either to have positive news or fundamentals this early. But I do think they can become profitable long term (a few years from now) as they figure things out and make necessary improvements
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@yaninvests Do you own $TSLA as well?
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@tomato I don’t at the moment but I want to
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@yaninvests Question, why not just go with Tesla?
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@couch_investor 1. other companies also have different types of electric vehicles. For example I also have $LILM $JOBY

  1. Different EV companies will have different innovations, different growth rates, etc. some companies may make better decisions than others

  1. Diversify a little

  1. Consider an EV etf as well $IDRV
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@yaninvests Fair enough
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Doubling production in a year is a strong goal and I look forward to when Rivian does it in 2023.
Rivians response to the recall last year was swift and I think they handled it well, it happens, so I think the important part is how they respond to a recall.
Have been hearing a lot about the demand as well, my response to that is I do not expect their demand to continue to increase at all times, if they didn't increase by a notable amount last quarter that's fine, they still have >100k orders to get out.
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@seasnar I like Rivian's car, not the financials (at the moment)
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I’m currently short NIO, but will be looking to close it out soon.
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@nathanworden How dare you! lol
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@couch_investor haha I know I know— but for what it's worth I wouldn't short Tesla. And like you said in your video, if you're going to invest in EVs, why would you choose Nio or Rivian when you can invest in Tesla?



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