Hope you guys have a great friday trading. Drop any ideas for trades you guys are taking below.
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Coinbase was actually my largest position at the beginning of the week. So it’s obviously my largest position now. And even though I wouldn’t normally add to a position that’s jumped ~20% three days in a row, I initially started buying in at $120 a share so it doesn’t seem high to me where it’s at. $100-$120 might be fair but I’ll add anywhere cheaper without hesitation. I bought shares all the way down to around $52 a share ecstatically.
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Even though I have a small fund; I broke down and opened a couple positions that have been calling my name for a while; $BKE , $ARCB , and $LEN. All three are strong companies and undervalued. And I completely ignore macro issues. So I could not care less what’s going on in the housing market or recession related fears. These housing companies have been going strong for longer than two years.
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Happy Friday sir!

I just dropped some research for the latest company I am digging into a few days ago. https://commonstock.com/post/744dbb76-6c61-4db9-a368-d49d5295ca6b
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Happy Friday! :)
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Waiting for NCR to be acquired by someone