Beginning of August Portfolio:
As always, only showing my taxable brokerage account. Keeping my IRA, 401k, and Crypto all separate. Just over 2-month old account.
$ZM continues to be my largest position. I think this is probably one of the most important companies of the future. Covid made the company a household name, but their primary business was always to enterprises. If I was less responsible, I would only buy Zoom.
$PLTR and $ROKU are my second and third holdings. I bought more shares at $62 after ROKU earnings and sold them yesterday at $72 a share so have a small amount of cash from that, which will be put into either company. My conviction in both companies has been rock solid. Nothing about last weeks earning changed that at all. Noticed a lot of positives hidden by the negative ad numbers. We will see how $PLTR fairs this quarter with commercial customer growth and hiring. I think in a downturn PLTR can hire a lot of talented people, who would otherwise be taking positions at companies that are now freezing hiring.
$DDOG, $S, and $SNOW are three positions that may end up as just two. I don’t have the highest conviction in SentinalOne and am hoping their rev growth will provide me with a higher upside so I can sell the position to increase SNOW and DDOG. I have been tempted to just make the move now but I rather no touch my SaaS until after this week.
$APPN and $TDOC longterm plays. Conviction is higher than my position sizes but my cash is finite.
$TWLO was a new position started last month. Not sure how much I will increase it, while I still have positions above it that I would like to increase it first. I honestly just love what the company does, aside from dilution and employee satisfaction , but I am hoping these things can and will change
$TTD deserves to be much higher. Will increase.
All investments have a >5 year anticipation (aside from $S)
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Nice, big fan of a bunch of those names
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Big conviction bet on ZM, hope it plays out.
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@investmenttalk That makes two of us! The % dominance will gradually come down as I will be growing the other positions into full positions. Zoom is already at my target size in terms of shares.