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Portfolio changes - update 4
I sold $PINS at the open. My thesis was mostly around monetization potential, social commerce/shopping adoption and AR/VR. Those are still there, but:

  • $PINS partnered with $SHOP for shoppable pins, and so I'll still have an exposure to success of that
  • $SNAP I believe is better positioned for AR/VR execution and they are already working with brands on those experiences. Most of their userbase is interested in commerce w/AR filters and used to using AR overall
  • $SNAP's pace of innovation is greater than of $PINS, in my view

As an example, check out $SNAP's latest Partner Summit:
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Probably a good bet, always hard to sell a loser, but will feel better for it over time.
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@investmenttalk I was down only like 17%, so given the current circumstances $PINS actually took care of my capital quite well haha