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Zoom Enterprise Vs Online
“The continued strength of our enterprise growth is a testament to how the value proposition of our platform resonates with customers even in tougher economic environments.” Eric Yuan, Founder and CEO


Kelly Steckelberg, CFO “we expect online to stabilize from a dollar perspective in Q2 of next year. And based on our most recent forecast, that is still the case.”

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Fascinating chart. I feel like if revenue from online stabilizes eventually the stock will start doing well again
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@ccm_brett They said in last earnings call they’re seeing signs of reduced churn in online vs prior and expect it to stabilize mid next year. Not at the top of my watchlist but seems good and cheap here
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@ccm_brett thank you Brett. Indeed. Provided that it continues to execute on the Enterprise segment. Contact center and zoom phone are promising offerings.
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What are your thoughts on Cathie Wood's evaluations estimate?
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@thethinkinginvestor aggressive by all means. We will be happy to see that happening but for sure we don’t expect this.



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