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$NET Cloudflare Introduces New Email Security & Data Protection Tools Against Phishing

Now CIOs can deploy advanced Zero Trust email security tools including Remote Browser Isolation and Data Loss Prevention with any email provider in minutes compared to complex legacy solutions

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$NET is pretty fast coming up with new offerings. Wondering what this means to pure play email security companies like Mimecast. The convergence is real and threatening !
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@consumeowntech Cloudflare is indeed very fast and has shown time and time again how it can quickly overtook the incumbents (Fastly and Akamai for example), while it's also building a comprehensive product portfolio which works really well together and generates network effects of its own. This is precisely why I'm very bullish on Cloudflare and obviously their management and I chose them as my only prime cybersecurity allocation besides $MSFT.
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@sammeciar $MSFT and $NET are definitely solid cybersecurity plays. Have you looked at $CRWD and $ZS? I'm curious what you think.
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@tomato both are very solid and strong players in their respective fields. I however believe that I do not need to own everything to succeed and so with the focus on agility and versatility I chose to play a combination of $MSFT + $NET



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