"The Market" Stock Pitching Game: Oct. 14th Lineup
This Thursday, October 14th at 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time (8:30pm Eastern) come participate in "The Market" - a live stock pitching game held over Zoom.

Audience members get to ask questions of the contestants and vote for their favorite pitch.

What is the best investment idea of the month? The Market will decide!

Post media

We have an awesome lineup of pitchers— you'll recognize a lot of these people from the great content and conversations they've been a part of on Commonstock:

Sam Stribling @strib
Hoda Mehr @hmehr
Yonathan Daniel @y4l.investing
Sidni Standard @sidnistandard
Paul Essen @pessen
Dylan Patel @dylan522p
Joshua Simka

Join "The Market" group channel on Commonstock to follow along as we track the pitches from previous games.
Alejandro Rodriguez's avatar
Excited to hear $RBLX by @sidnistandard. Is it possible to tune in via a phone?
Nathan Worden's avatar
@alejandro_r Yep, you can attend the zoom meeting via phone. You just have to download the Zoom app.
Derek's avatar
Sounds awesome. Shame the time difference is too great for me to attend in person
Novocure is nearing bottom right.
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@emf Our November game will be held earlier on a Saturday so that people in European timezones can attend. Let me know if you'd like to do a pitch at that one!

It will be Saturday, Nov. 13th at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 6:00pm London Time

Some other great people who will be pitching at the November game are @invesquotes, @aquiba, @awallis, and possibly @007 .

Also been trying to get @investmenttalk to do a pitch, but timing has n't worked out— maybe we can twist his arm 😄
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@nathanworden could you please check the link. there are extra characters before the correct link. this is the correct link The Market Stock Pitching Game - Zoom (lu.ma) Also i tried to join the group but got an error saying max limit reached. could you help me to join.
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Hi @theequityforce! Yes the correct link should be:

I'll update it now.

As far as joining the group, I'll manually send you an invite now and see if that works!
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Very cool idea...won't be able to attend due to it being in the middle of the night over here, but super cool!
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@dillon_jacobs definitely try and catch the November game, which will be earlier on a Saturday:

Saturday Nov. 13th at 6:00pm London time 😃
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Hopefully I can make that one!
will you be posting replay snippets of the pitch?
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@kckc yep! Hopefully will have that out before the end of the weekend / before market open on Monday.