A Very Brief Update
Apologies for the silence the last few weeks, been travelling a fair bit for work and haven't had the chance to jump on Commonstock. Expect posts from Porchester again very soon!

I hope you are all holding up with these rather choppy market conditions...! Been a bit of a bloodbath these last 24 hours...
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Enjoy the travels my friend, anywhere nice?
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@investmenttalk Thank you! I was in Bogotá last week, first time I had been to Latin America!
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@porchester Thanks for the update, @porchester! Maybe you have some investing takeaways or learnings to share from your travels abroad?
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@tomato Unfortunately I can't share too much since a lot of it is very close to work and obviously confidential, however the Latin American landscape looks very positive from an investment perspective in my view
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@porchester This gets me thinking about $MELI $PAGS $STNE :)
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Traveling is great— even if it is for work 😎



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