Livongo - The Most Productive Uses of Your Time
This weekend I got to use my time productively.

Productivity is often thought of as an economic output. But one entity's output often becomes another entity's input.

There is a company that investors have been buzzing about lately called Livongo ($LVGO) which sends glucose meters to people with diabetes to check their blood sugar levels. These meters are connected to Livongo's digital platform, so members receive personalized insights, 24/7 coaching support, shareable reports, and custom alerts.

Livongo signs up insurers as clients, which in turn offer the platform to their members. Livongo clients see an average of $1,908 in annual gross medical savings per diabetes participant.

I don't have diabetes, but my grandma did. Any company whose output is a more healthy Grandma is also indirectly creating a lot of love and support as an input to her grandson.

Investing is the act of allocating capital to the most productive uses. Sometimes those 'most productive uses' can be a lot more human than we usually associate with the word. "Productivity" can be time well spent investing in loved ones.

This weekend I got to use my time productively.

And by productively I mean I was hiking around lakes in Mammoth, CA with my fiancé and our dog.
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