$PLTR Q2 - What I'm looking for
Palantir Q2 Financial numbers on 8th August.
To quickly assess the progress of Palantir's business I created this table showing the most critical metrics:

In particular, concerning Q2 results I will pay particular attention to:
  • Client growth: seeing more than 40 new additions would be great. Each acquired client is for Palantir like a seed which will produce fruits for a long time and could be a significant contributor of Revenues like the top3 clients - ~$100mn per year!

  • Net Dollar Retention: it is crucial to stay above 120%, especially in the Commercial Sector. NDR is essential to get exponential growth. Retaining clients and making them deepen their relationship with Palantir is vital for margin expansion:

  • US Comm. Revenues growth: I seek continued growth above +100%. The US Commercial business is the most critical market for Palantir because the US represents ~50% of the Enterprise Software market. Dominating the US market is crucial to becoming a worldwide standard

What are you going to pay attention to in Q2 Earnings?

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