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Revenues of the Top US Producers of Insulin
As I prepare for the next shallow dive focusing on $NVO I am investigating the pharma sector focusing on diabetes and obesity. Below is a chart from Stratosphere highlighting the revenues of the top US producers of insulin.

$LLY sent a shockwave through the insulin producers with their announcement of a cap of prices, while long-overdue, the markets haven't reacted much so maybe its a lot of noise at this point. Will be interesting to see how the others react and the impact to financials.

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How soon do you think we see GLP-1s like $NVO's Ozempic and Wegovy eclipse insulin as the standard of care for diabetes?
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@tomato my guess is sooner than later. There are a few "cures" for diabetes on the horizon in the private sector world which would upend the market completely, but I am not sure at what stage they are in testing. But all of my diabetic friends are all using the Ozempic to help control their diabetes instead of insulin. What I have learned from my own experience, is once you get on insulin its incredibly difficult to get off and I think people are choosing a different path than insulin. I know that's what I did.
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@tomato what do you think?
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@ifb_podcast I agree with you. As the obesity medicines come into broader use I think we'll see more focus on treating that rather than diabetes (which is an effect of the obesity)



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