Large Tech Stance
Large techs have been under pressure this week. This is still the sector that attracts the most money and attention from investors, so it's very important to know where are they standing.

Here are some helpful visuals on:
Financial Health

Estimated revenue growth, when overlapped with operating margin can lead to a more accurate appreciation of how much 'clean' dollars is the company expected to make.
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Valuation for both worlds. I personally prefer to watch the Free Cash Flow yield since that's the actual cash a company produces after the expenses to continue to run it.
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Finally, Cash and Debt. Cash allows for more flexibility when taking decisions, much needed in times like this. Debt, on the other hand is an obligation of future payment, reducing a company's flexibility.
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This is excellent!
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@strib Thank you Sam. Source is Koyfin, the best platform I've found for business metrics and financial statements.