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Monthly update

YTD - 8.9% vs S&P -13.4
As long as I keep outpacing the market, I’ll keep hanging out with you all and buying individual companies.

Sold $ILMN. I had a post about why last month. Also excited a small tracking position in $SHOP. That’s it. Sold 2 companies all year.

Added to existing $GOOGL $ASML $WRBY $LTCH $ABNB
Started new $UPST

I really enjoy being a part of this community. Thanks for listening!
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That $GOOG position is NOICE.
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I feel for the $DOCU position. I road it all the way up during Covid and also back down 😭
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Sorry to here about your paper loss. I, fortunately, bought the dip. But remember just bc Mr Market says your company is less “valuable” this year than last. Doesn’t mean that you can’t be a long term winner